Little girl looking at String Art Sign with word 'Magic' on reclaimed wood
Beautiful lady holding reclaimed wooden string art sign by Sparkle Ceramics
Close up of brass headed pins and embroidery thread used on String Art Sign by Sparkle Ceramics.
Reclaimed wood sign with string art in blue spelling the word Magic
Close up of string art on wooden sign by Sparkle Ceramics
Wooden string art sign on mantlepiece spelling word 'Magic'
Michelle Howe, owner of Sparkle Ceramics holding hand made reclaimed wooden string art sign

String Art Reclaimed Wooden Sign

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I created my first string art sign as a tenth wedding anniversary gift for my husband one year and, ever since then, visitors to our home have often remarked about how much they loved it - so I thought I would start making them to sell! 

This beautifully hand-crafted sign is made from reclaimed wood which I have sanded and then fixed together to make the base of the sign. After that, each brass headed pin is added by hand to form the lettering. Finally I have used coloured embroidery thread to weave in between the pins to form the letters which make such a stunning impact.

This sign says 'Magic' but yours could say something different. If you have an idea or a query, please get in touch to ask a question and I will be delighted to assist as these signs really are as unique as you are.

I have my sign hanging in the kitchen, which is where we spend most time as a family, but your sign could be hung anywhere you choose. 

Michelle x